• The Felling is Incredible

    The Felling is Incredible

  • The Felling is Incredible2

    The Felling is Incredible2

Sol Paragliders

Paragliding Florida is an Authorized Dealer for Sol Paragliders, If you live in the United States and you are looking to buy any products like:

  • Paragliders
  • Harnesses
  • Rescue
  • Accesories

Please Contact Us.

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About Flying

The origin of paragliding has roots in the sport of parachuting. In the early 1960’s, American parachutist Pierre Lemoigne was successful in cutting slots in the round parachute canopy to allow for air to flow through the canopy. This had a dramatic effect on the lift to drag ratio and allowed for the pilot to steer the chute in a predictable manner.

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Paragliding Florida was created in 2006 as the need for a Free flying alternative in South Florida, a flat land environment.

In 2003 I tried the first tow system in Buenos Aires Argentina and as result of that experience I decided to buy the automated pay out tow system. After gaining some experience I began to make some modifications to comply with my standards of safety.  As today Paragliding Florida is proud to give a professional instruction and tow service in South Florida and also representing the best brands in paragliding equipment and accessories.